How to find your match

 How to find your Match


1. Be aware of scammers!

Scammers are persons who are NOT what they say they are. Scamming is very often well organized. The people behind often recruits students because they usually need money and because they can use the computer systems on the university whic often has low security. They simply pay students typically $10 for every creditcard they can come up with and a little less if they only get an email.

A scammer will typically approach you on the dating site and stir up some kind of communication (mail or chat) and the alarm bells are:

  1. If it is too good to be true then it probably is.
  2. The scammers often buy premium profiles with stolen creditcards and in order to avoid detection by us and our systems, they will quickly suggest that you start communicating elsewhere. Often through normal emal like Gmail or Hotmail.
  3. They will try to establish credability and after a few mails they will try different things to get your creditcard information or your money directly.
  4. The tricks they use is to persuade you to send money for a ticket if you are going to meet or maybe they have an uncle or daughter who needs an operation and they don’t have money themselves. No matter how heartbreaking their story is – remember just one thing: IT IS A SCAM! No sane person goes to a dating site trying to get money out of people and it is quite normal that people pay for transport themselves!
The rules are:

  1. NEVER give anybody your creditcard information! No matter how sick the scammers mother are!
  2. NEVER give your emal to anybody you don’t trust fully.
  3. NEVER give any personal information like phonenumber and address to anybody you don’t trust fully.
  4. If you suspect anything you can report the user on his or her profile and we will take care of the rest.
  5. If you suspect anything then just drop the conversation.

A BIG part of our job is to keep the site as free from scammers and spam as humanly possible. We have 2 levels of check. The first is electronic where people from IP addresses known to be used by scammers are rejected. We also have other (secret) systems in place to help eveluate profiles. The second is a human control and. We review ALL profiles.




2. Five Steps to prepare yourself for love.

In order to create the best circumstance for finding your perfect match, there are a few things you can do. Here are the basics and the idea is that you radiate cleaner and more powerful energy when these things are taken care of:

  1. Make sure your home is clean and nice.
  2. Make sure your finances are ok and that your job is working.
  3. Make sure you work out on a regular basis.


When the basics are taken care of and all three things are working, you can go on to the next level. This is the psychological level.

  1. Make sure all your relationships are working. Nobody wants to date a person who can’t make relations work.
  2. Make sure your hobbies and interests are healthy.
  3. Do everything you can to make yourself happy including meeting friends and new people. Other people can feel your vibes and we all want to be together with happy successful people.





3. Sign up for a profile.

Be sure to fill in ALL the information the site asks for. Yes it is easier to wait, but then you will most likely forget about it. Do it right away and find a lot of good images too.


The more information you put in about yourself, the easier it is for everybody to find a match and you will most likely save a lot of money because with a great profile some one will find you faster!



4. Now you are ready to go hunting.

A match is nit just a match. It is the polarity between man and woman that create ignition. It is the same polarity that creates challenges. This is because polarity comes from differences and in order not to make differences destroy the relationship we have to understand these differencies. This means a lot of work.

No polarity equals no ignition but on the other hand – if you are very much alike this creates safety and security.


Too much polarity equals a a lot of emotions, dynamic, a lot of challenges and a lot of possibilities for developing the relationship. Too little equals safety but it can also be boring.

So you will have to find something that is somewhere between safety and explosion.




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